[Clg] [article] IBM - Introduction to emerging file systems

Gilles J. Seguin segg2 at videotron.ca
Ven 18 Fév 18:08:30 EST 2011


Summary:  In UNIX®, everything can be a file, but not every file is
stored the same way. A file system dictates how a file is decomposed and
organized on media. Historically, media meant tape or disk. But
increasingly, file systems now translate virtually any source—remote
server, archive file, even other file systems—into virtual media. Here's
a look at some novel file systems.

Table of contents 
      * Introduction 
      * A file system of your own 
      * Do-it-yourself NFS 
      * Peer into any archive 
      * A file system for your secrets 
      * FUSE: It's not a toy! 
      * Light the FUSE!

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